Traditional Scottish Tales: The Dragon Stoorworm


by Theresa Breslin, illustrated by Matthew Land (Traditional Scottish Tales series)

‘As adventure stories go, this is truly stunning stuff. Lari’s writing and the utterly sumptuous and gorgeous illustrations by Philip Longson bring this tale to dazzling life’ – ReadItDaddy

Paperback: 24 pages

Publisher: Kelpies, an imprint of Floris Books, 2014 (new edit. 2018)

Language: English

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The Dragon Stoorworm was the very first, very worst dragon that ever lived. It was absolutely ginormous and almost completely covered Scotland, from the top to the bottom, and all the way across from side to side.
All it wanted was just one delicious young person to eat every day, starting with the king’s daughter, the Princess Gemdelovely.

Many warriors set out to battle the terrible dragon, but they did not return, until…

Gentle Assipattle is no warrior but maybe together, he and the King of Scotland’s daughter, Princess Gemdelovely, can free the country from the wrath of the Dragon Stoorworm. 

This is a lively retelling of the traditional Scottish folk tale of the Dragon Stoorworm (or Mester Stoor Worm), adapted for a young audience.

Suitable for ages 4-7.


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Dimensions 22 × 0.4 × 29.3 cm

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