There’s Always the Hills


by Cameron McNeish (with a foreword by Sam Heughan)

There’s Always the Hills flows like a friendly conversation, shared over three or four single malts, and develops into an engaging tale…’ – The Great Outdoors

‘Cameron McNeish’s autobiography is everything we hoped it would be, and a ‘must buy’ for anyone who’s ever felt the pull of Scotland’s mountains’ – Undiscovered Scotland

Paperback: 332 pages

Publisher: Sandstone Press Ltd., 2018

Language: English

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From his home in the Cairngorms of Scotland, Cameron McNeish reflects on a life dedicated to the outdoors in this, his long awaited autobiography. Following his career as an international long jump athlete, he has for almost forty years written and made television programmes about walking and climbing in Scotland.

As a full time outdoor writer, magazine editor, backpacker and trek leader he has travelled extensively throughout the Himalayas, Jordan, North America, Corsica and many other mountainous areas of the world.

Growing up in Glasgow, Cameron describes his childhood as one that allowed him to explore and seek adventure, the beginnings of a lifelong journey that turned his dreams into reality, working and living in some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, meeting many of the great characters of the outdoor world.

There’s Always the Hills is the story of one man’s love affair with the world’s wild places, but especially Scotland’s. In it, he candidly recalls the ups and downs of a full life, much of it in the public eye, much of it until now unseen. 

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