The Island Nurse


by Mary J. MacLeod

‘This lively and heartening memoir evokes both the hardships and the humour of island life’ – The Scotsman

The sequel to this book, More Tales From The Island Nurse, can be found here: Book #2

Paperback: 347 pages

Publisher: Mainstream Publishing Company Ltd., 2012

Language: English

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Life on the remote island of Papavray in the 1970s was a world away from Mary J. MacLeod’s urban existence in the south of England. And this peaceful environment was just what she was looking for.

While indoor toilets were still something of a luxury, and ‘teleeffissions’ could produce terror in some of the older residents, the glory of the mountains and the sea combined with the warmth of the island people meant she had found a haven for her family.

Mary’s post as district nurse gave her a unique insight into island life, and her stories of the troubles, joys, drama and comedies endured by her patients make this a charming and humorous account of community life on a small island in a bygone era.

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