The Great Book of Skye


by Prof. Norman Macdonald and Cailean Maclean


Hardback: 588 pages

Publisher: Great Book Publishing Portree, 2014

Language: English

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This book is the most comprehensive study ever undertaken of the people of the Isle of Skye. Ranging across the generations, its detailed focus on the past two centuries gives it an enthralling appeal to all interested in the most famous of Scotland’s islands and its quality of being powerfully and mysteriously fascinating across the world today.

Compiled from local and national resources, oral and written, its medley of themes makes it of interest to the scholar as well as to the person who wishes to find out about the ordinary, and the not so ordinary, people of Skye and their kin. Redolent of the agricultural and fishing community which is Skye’s lifeblood, the book reads in places like a globe-trotting thriller, ensuring its appeal to all. The book was entirely conceived, researched and brought to maturity on Skye.

The collaboration which has become The Great Book of Skye was forged between two Gaelic-speaking men who live on the island. The fusion of their learning, training, research and photographic abilities brings the strands of the island’s past together to present here a richly illustrated and original portrayal of an island which its residents, visitors and lovers care so much about.

Professor Norman Macdonald was. born and raised on Skye. He lived and worked for 15 years on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, to which experience he attributes much of his perspective on the history of Skye and the Hebrides. He has taught at universities in Scotland and Canada and was for twenty years on the Staff at BBC Scotland.

Cailean Maclean was born and brought up in the Outer Hebrides and has been living in Skye for more than 30 years. As lecturer, researcher, publisher, broadcaster and photographer much of his work focuses on Scotland’s Highlands and Islands, though he has also worked in Canada, France, Ireland, England, Spain and Portugal.

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