Skye: Through An Artist’s Eye


by Diana Mackie

‘This book reveals Diana Mackie’s exceptional talent as an artist of our time’ – Shirley Spear OBE, co-owner, The Three Chimneys, 1984-2019

‘Diana Mackie seems drawn to paint the Turneresque turbulence of the elements on her doorstep’ – Nicholas Usherwood, Galleries magazine

Paperback: 112 pages

Publisher: Luath Press, 2020

Language: English

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Skye-based artist Diana Mackie tells of her love affair with the island, where it is said you can experience every season in one day. This environment is the inspiration for her dramatic oil studies, which express her response to the island’s wild and ever-changing moods, both day and night.

She paints waterfalls, woodland, shorelines and moonscapes. Rays of sun penetrating through a storm-cloud, isolated moonlit paths, spume rising from a turbulent sea, the subtle beauty of cabbage and rhubarb – all hold a fascination for her. She also recounts the story of the moon paintings she created in memory of those who took part in the perilous Arctic Convoys during WWII.

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Dimensions 17.1 × 0.9 × 20.5 cm

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