Sgiath: Amazon Queen of Skye


by George W. Macpherson

‘I have heard George telling his stories and it is an unforgettable experience’ – Dalriada: The Journal of Celtic Heritage and Cultural Traditions on Highland Myths and Legends

Paperback: 144 pages

Publisher: Luath Press, 2019

Language: English

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Long ago in ancient Skye, a queen is born in a storm…

From the depths of Scottish folklore emerges Sgiath, an ancient warrior queen of Skye. Also known as Scáthach or Sgathaich, Skye and Dunscaith Castle – her home on the islands all those years ago – are said to have been named after her.

Follow her incredible journey as she turns from ordinary village girl to leader of a great army of warriors, conquering her opponents and bringing education to all. Magic and myth interweave with history in this epic tale of ancient oral storytelling that is inspirational for our modern times.

George W. Macpherson has followed the oral traditions handed down through generations of his family and has become one of the best known traditional storytellers in Scotland. George’s storytelling technique is both memorable and distinctive, capable of captivating any audience, young or old, all over the world.

A participant in the Scottish Storytelling Festival for many years, he also organises the annual Skye and Lochalsh Storytelling Festival and opened the Commonwealth Heads of State Convention in Edinburgh with one of his stories. George lives in Glendale on the Isle of Skye.

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