Scotland: End to End


by Cameron McNeish, Richard Else

Praise for Cameron McNeish’s There’s Always the Hills:

‘Cameron McNeish’s autobiography is everything we hoped it would be, and a ‘must buy’ for anyone who’s ever felt the pull of Scotland’s mountains’ – Undiscovered Scotland

Hardback: 224 pages

Publisher: Mountain Media Productions, 2012 (new edit. 2013)

Language: English

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Scotland can boast an incredible variety of fabulous landscapes – mountains, forests, riversides and majestic coastlines – and a growing network of excellent long distance trails and footpaths that connects them, routes that can form the basis of exciting, active holidays for years to come.

Meandering through some of the most magnificent landscapes in Europe, the 470 mile Scottish National Trail follows many of Scotland’s existing trails and rights of way and in doing so creates a long-distance walking route that compares with the best in the world.

The trail not only connects some of our finest landscapes into one long end-to-end journey but it also connects us with the history of these landscapes, a history that has recorded the plundering raids of the Borderlands; the growth of industrialisation in the Central Belt; and the march of armies, saints, drovers, as thieves and vagabonds through these wild lands that have since been emptied of people. Today only the whispers remain, along with the call of the curlew and the song of the skylark.

The Scottish National Trail is a route that enthusiastic backpackers can enjoy as a single entity, taking in some of our most prized and wildest landscapes, or as a series of routes that can be broken down into several different sections, each offering a magnificent experience in its own right.

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