RockTrails: Scottish Highlands – A Hillwalker’s Guide to the Geology & Scenery


by Paul Gannon


Paperback: 252 pages

Publisher: Pesda Press, 2012

Language: English

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The Scottish Highlands are home to Britain’s most spectacular mountain scenery. The stark hills, fearful crags, glorious glens and sparkling lochans make for a wide range of landscapes and have attracted generations of landscape lovers, hilllwalkers and mountaineers. This book is intended to help those who adore this landscape to gain an insight into the geological forces that shaped it.

The first half of the book tells the story of how the rocks were created and shaped by the gross forces of plate tectonics, colliding continents, volcanoes, mountain building and glaciation.

The second half of the book details 18 walks with a variety of geological features set among consistently fantastic views. 

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