Myths and Legends of the Celts


by James MacKillop

‘A brilliant introduction to the world of the Celts through their vivid literature’ – Professor Barry Cunliffe

Paperback: 388 pages

Publisher: Penguin Books, 2005 (new edit. 2006)

Language: English

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The Celts created an intricately woven mythology describing the deeds of gods and goddesses; legendary heroes, such as Cúchulainn, Bran mac Febail and the warrior queen Medb; and shadowy otherworlds that were the homes of spirits and fairies.

This is a fascinating introduction to the myths and legends of the peoples who inhabited the northwestern fringes of Europe – from Britain and the Isle of Man to Gaul and Brittany. It looks at the nature of Celtic religion, with its rituals of sun and moon worship, and at the druids who served society as judges, diviners and philosophers. It examines the many Celtic deities who were linked with animals and such natural phenomena as rivers and caves, or who later became associated with local Christian saints. And it explores in detail the rich variety of Celtic myths: from early legends of King Arthur to the stories of the Welsh Mabinogi.

Drawing on recent historical and archaeological research, as well as literary and oral research, this book explores and explains a wonderfully fertile tradition of myth-making that has captured the imagination of countless generations.

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