Light in the Dust: A True Story of the Triumph of the Human Spirit


by Jo Mary Stafford

‘A classic of its kind’Alan Sillitoe

‘A remarkable book‘ – Michael Parkinson

‘Brave, truthful, vivid…memorable’Meera Syal

Paperback: 303 pages

Publisher: Jo Mary Stafford Author & Artist, 2002

Language: English

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Light in the Dust is wrought with joy and sadness in almost equal measure. It tells the heart-rending, emotional story of a traumatised childhood. Set against the backdrop of a poverty-stricken upbringing, the book vividly recalls the effects of parental oppression on young and vulnerable minds.

Jo Mary Stafford’s childhood innocence was brutally shattered when her father returned from the Second World War. With his return came experiences that would scar Jo Mary, her siblings and her mother for the rest of their lives: abuse both verbal and physical, an absence of love and attention, and an existence defined by deprivation. On many nights the head of the house would drink his earnings away while the rest of the family went hungry.

Yet despite facing such abuse and adversity, the light of Jo Mary’s spirit was never extinguished. Her irrepressible optimism gave her the strength to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and develop into an independent, ambitious and loving person.

Light in the Dust is wrought with pain and sadness but also with joy. It is a remarkable example of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

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