Hebridean Heroines: Twentieth Century Queen’s Nurses (1940s-70s)


by Catherine M. Morrison


Paperback: 122 pages

Publisher: Islands Book Trust, 2017

Language: English

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This book provides a fascinating insight into the lives of women from the Western Isles of Scotland who worked as district nurses in the mid-twentieth century.

Leaving behind their close-knit communities, these intrepid women undertook these long journey by sea and rail to the mainland of Scotland to train as nurses and midwives. The majority carried out Queen’s district nurse training and maintained that ‘it prepared them to go to the desert to work’ if necessary. Most of them eventually returned to the islands, to work in a role that required strength of body and mind.

District nurses worked long hours and were always available when called, regardless of hours, weather conditions or remoteness. Here they describe, in their own words, their everyday lives, giving us an insight into the challenges they faced and revealing the resilience and strength of character required to do the job. These women were true Hebridean heroines, regularly going behind the call of duty without thought for their own comfort, yet maintaining that ‘I was only doing my job, which I loved’. These stories are their legacy.

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