Had We Never Loved So Blindly


by Liz MacRae Shaw

‘Raw and radiant in turn, Had We Never Loved So Blindly is a sweeping portrayal of love, loss and longing in wartime Scotland. Felicity and John Norman will stay with me for a long time’ – Barbara Henderson

Paperback: 328 pages

Publisher: Top Hat Books, 2021

Language: English

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In 1937, fisherman’s son John Norman’s first encounter of Felicity MacDougall, the daughter of a retired tea planter, is prickly at best. But, a chance meeting during a London air raid leads to a tentative romance, which becomes long distance when John joins the Navy and Felicity takes a job at the infamous, secretive Bletchley Park. Their relationship falls prey to the timeless obstacles of insecurities, doubts and misunderstandings.

Can they overcome the distance between them, and also the war?

This love story, forged amid the emotional intensity of WW2, is the beating heart of Liz MacRae Shaw’s new novel. John and Felicity’s relationship has fateful consequences, not only for them, but beyond, into the next generation.

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Dimensions 13.9 × 1.9 × 21.6 cm

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