A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, Circa 1695 and A Late Voyage of St. Kilda


by Martin Martin

Also includes A Description of the Occidental I.E. Western Islands of Scotland by Donald Monro

Paperback: 344 pages

Publisher: Birlinn Ltd. 1999 (new edit. 2014)

Language: English

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One of the greatest travelers in Scotland, Martin Martin was also a native Gaelic speaker. This text offers his narrative of his journey around the Western Isles, and a mine of information on custom, tradition and life. Martin Martin’s wrote before the Jacobite rebellions changed the way of life of the Highlander irrevocably.

The volume includes the earliest account of St. Kilda, first published in 1697 and Sir Donald Monro, High Dean of the Isles, account written in 1549 which presents a record of a pastoral visit to islands still coping with the aftermath of the fall of the Lords of the Isles.

Martin Martin (Martainn MacGilleMhartainn) was born at Bealach, near Duntulm, Skye, and was a native Gaelic speaker. He studied at the universities of Edinburgh and Leiden, and died in London in 1719.

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