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Poetry in Portree

By 31st July 2017 No Comments

We recently held a poetry workshop at Portree Community Library, led by Maoilios Caimbeul.


Following a lively discussion about poetry, the group wrote this renga.  Renga is a form of collaborative poetry made up of two or more stanzas.


Skye Renga


sun rain wind mist

snap-happy Storr

in a traffic jam


the old man bends

in a kneeling of prayer


an unexpected moonrise

as a Dutch tourist

is surprised about their business


shining lady surfacing through the sky

greeting the foreigner coming to pay her respects


the airy light above

and solid rock below

unison of heaven and earth


the night’s wounds are silenced

as the new day shrouds the land


lovers twist and turn

spiralled jigs rhythmically

announce the coming seasons


islands seen from far love where they are

cradled by the shore


cast adrift in an ocean

fragmented by the red and gold

of autumn’s rain


I turned her trip from bright to dreich

keeps me awake with basalt guilt


glowing headlands attract the eye

luring her back with promise

of nature’s golden mantle


so fragile as darkness beckons forth

in the Atlantic storm


blazing slanted sleet shattered

Bodach stands unflinching

tourists gaze in wonder


aurora borealis sunrise

the amber and the green combine


stalking the horizon

dropping prayer flags of colour

between the hills


well met by moonlight

apologies flow like a waterfall after a squall


mystery of Celtic gods

encloses and enraptures

speaks of ages past


echoes of battles lost and won

three witches embrace what’s done


Cailleach warms the earth

revealing buds

and drops of snow


the renewed landscape

heralds the traveller again


Composed on 12.7.2017 by:

Allen, Dave

Caimbeul, Maoilios

Hardy, Susan

Mitchell, Francis

Murray, Scott

Royle, Jo

Vermeijden, Chris.