A 3-tier soft play frame reaching 6 metres in height with a huge 4.2 metre high slide.

PRICE – 5.50 per child (1 hour session)

Due to limited capacity within the play area, we recommend pre-booking sessions by calling us on 01478 613649



10:00 am to 11:00 am

12:00 noon to 1:00 pm

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Only open to children between 3 years and 12 years of age.
Individual children or groups MUST be accompanied by a SINGLE ADULT  who should ensure guidelines are followed.
Masks must be worn prior to and after session.  Adults must wear facecoverings at all times.
Any items left in the play area will be disposed of and not retained.
As few bags or accessories as possible should be taken in.

There are limited sessions as we have to deep clean play area after each session,

To help keep everyone safe all parents/carers will be asked to sign the following agreement – 

I agree to take responsibility for the children named above, to ensure that they abide by the following regulations regarding the use of the play-area;

1.     I will ensure that children stay in the play-area during their session unless we have to leave for an emergency. In such event, I will advise the Aros staff (emergency contact numbers are displayed in the holding area)

2.     We will only use the toilet allocated for the play-area and understand that its location is shown on the wall within the ‘holding area’.

3.     I will ensure all children use the sanitiser on entry and on departure (including any visits to the toilet).

4.     I will ensure that children will keep a safe distance from other children.

5.     I agree not to take any food or drink into the play area.

6.     I will prepare and make ready in time to leave the play-area when the hour session is complete (everyone must leave on the hour).

7.     I will not admit any children or adults, other than those named above, into the play area.

8.     I will remove any disposable material or rubbish and not leave any on the premises.

9.     I agree that any items, such as clothing, masks, shoes and bags, can be disposed of, if left behind.