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Tha Seo Math Dhuibh Blog

An Lùnastal – August 2017

By 28th August 2017 No Comments

August has been another busy month, with lots of workshops and events going on in Skye and Lochalsh as part of Tha Seo Math Dhuibh – Good for you.


 Skye & Lochalsh Young Carers Summer Arts Project

Artists Cailean Maclean, Iain Smith and Kate McMorrine recently completed workshops with the youngsters following the outings in Skye last month.  Their work: photographs, models and drawings, will be exhibited at Aros in September.  We will let you know the details soon.


Sgrìobhadh Cruthachail – Creative Writing @ An Crùbh

Stiùir Rody Gorman dà sheisean sgrìobhaidh ann an Slèite o chionn ghoirid.  Bha seisean anns a’ Ghàidhlig agus seisean eile anns a’ Bheurla.  Thèid seisean eile a’ chumail air Disathairne 16 An t-Sultain anns a’ Chrùbh.

Rody Gorman led two sessions in Sleat in creative writing, one in Gaelic and one in English and these were both successful in getting participants’ creative juices flowing.  Our next workshop will be on Saturday 16th September at An Crùbh, Sleat.

Maoilios Caimbeul will lead a Poetry Writing Workshop in Portree Library on Wednesday 27th September, from 2-4pm.

Movement for Health – Airdferry Day Centre, Dornie

Meena Watts has been working with a group of older people and staff at Airdferry Day Centre in Dornie every week.  The participants have been doing gentle chair-based exercises to music by Blair Douglas and Indian music, increasing their movement and flexibility every week.

Jan & Margaret
leg movements

Jan, a member of staff at Airdferry, has been shadowing Meena since the sessions began so that she can lead the group in movement once the sessions have come to an end.  Jan and the manager Flora have also been joining Meena in her weekly Bollywood performance.

Last week a wee Strip the Willow also took place while Iseabail played some tunes on the box.


Dance For Fun in Kyleakin

Meena’s class in Kyleakin continues to go from strength to strength, with the group now working on a new routine and welcoming participants of all ages and abilities.

Lusan san Lùnastal – Plants on the Croft in August

Caroline Dear and Sìne Ghilleasbuig recently led a bilingual walk in Staffin.  On the walk, our group looked at plants and learned their names, their uses, local place names and a bit of history.  Read all about it here.


Group Art Therapy – Bùdhmòr Care-home

Gail MacGregor has been working with residents of Bùdhmòr Care-home over the last few weeks.  The group is working on the theme of ‘Journeys’ and each participant has chosen a journey that is special to them.  They have each been creating concrete poetry and putting together collages on envelopes to show their journey.

Neil working on a collage about his journey from Skye to Crianlaraich.


Rena, art therapist Gail, Marie, Ciorstaidh and a staff member.

ATLAS Arts have held several walks across the five wings of Skye and in Lochalsh through their Còig Sgiathan | Five Wings project.  Artist and sculptor, Liondsaidh Chaimbeul has written a blog about a recent walk to Skinidin, near Broadford.  There is also a blog about Hector MacInnes’ youth walk in Torrin, where the participants collected junk on the beach and made music with it.  You can listen to the music track, “Microplastics” on the blog page too.

We are looking forward to Luminate 2017, a festival taking place all over Scotland in the month of October, celebrating creativity as we age.  We will have special events and film screenings at Aros as part of the festival programme.

In November, we will be welcoming schools to Aros to see films for 5-19 year-olds as part of Into Film Festival.

If you would like to get in touch about Tha Seo Math Dhuibh – Good for You, for more information on our workshops or events, or to contribute ideas and suggestions, you are welcome to email Iseabail@aros.co.uk or phone 01478613649.