Wild Voices: Journeys Through Time in the Scottish Highlands


by Mike Cawthorne

‘A man with mountains coursing through his blood’ – High

‘A marvellously evocative writer; never dull, he even describes the cold with warmth’ – Kathleen Jamie, author of Sightlines

Paperback: 273 pages

Publisher: Birlinn Ltd., 2014

Language: English

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The journeys in this book are tales of adventure on foot and by canoe through some of the last wild places in Scotland. Each journey is haunted by the ghost of another writer – Neil Gunn, Iain Thomson, Rowena Farre – who has left behind the trace of his or her own experience of these isolated hills, glens, streams or lochs.

Travelling in time as well as space, Mike Cawthorne gains a new perspective on burning contemporary issues such as land ownership, renewable energy, conservation and depopulation. His extreme adventures in wild places give rise to profound reflections on life and literature. Whether he is snowed up in a remote bothy with no food, or drying off after capsizing his canoe in a loch, he keeps his eye steadily on the bigger adventure, the quest for the inner meaning of wilderness in a world that has forgotten its importance.

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