The Valley at the Centre of the World


by Malachy Tallack


‘What I’ve been waiting for: a moving, authentic novel of the Scottish islands in the twenty-first century’ – Amy Liptrot, author of The Outrun

‘A vivid novel which immediately lands you in Shetland. It wrestles with big questions about land, community and belonging and how place shapes character. It lingers in the mind long after you have finished reading’ – Madeleine Bunting, author of Love of Country

Shetland: a place of sheep and soil, of harsh weather, close ties and an age-old way of life. A place where David has lived all his life, like his father and grandfather before him, but where he abides only in the present moment. A place where Sandy, a newcomer but already a crofter, may have finally found a home. A place that Alice has fled to after the death of her husband.

But times do change – island inhabitants die, or move away, and David worries that no young families will take over the chain of stories and care that this valley has always needed, while others wonder if it was ever truly theirs to join. In the wind and sun and storms from the Atlantic, these islanders must decide: what is left of us when the day’s work is done, the children grown, and all our choices have been made?

The debut novel from one of our most exciting new literary voices, The Valley at the Centre of the World is a story about community and isolation, about what is passed down, and what is lost between the cracks.

Hardback: 337 pages

Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd., 2018

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 14.2 x 3 x 22.1 cm

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