The Top 500 Summits: A Lifetime of Hillwalking


by Barry K. Smith


Hardback: 342 pages

Publisher: Where2Walk Publishing, 2016

Language: English

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The Top 500 Summits are the highest 500 mountains in the UK and Ireland with a 500 foot drop on every side. They are listed for the first time in this book.

The highest summit on the list is Ben Nevis (4,411ft); the lowest summit on the list is Knockanaffrin in Ireland (2,477ft).  Thousands of people have climbed one or more of these summits – very few have climbed them all.

This book is my personal journey over all 500 summits, spanning a period of over fifty years. It is not intended to be a guidebook. It lists the summits in Britain and Ireland and how anyone can climb them, if they are daft enough to keep going for a lifetime.

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