The Walrus Mutterer


by Mandy Haggith

‘We see what the world was like…for the Iron Age peoples…often harsh, uncompromising and dangerous, and yet [with] insights and wisdom that we moderns may well envy’ – Margaret Elphinstone

‘Vivid, memorable and utterly compelling’ – Helen Sedgwick

Paperback: 282 pages

Publisher: Saraband, 2018

Language: English

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Northern Britain, Iron Age. Rian, a carefree young woman and promising apprentice healer, is enslaved by a spiteful trader and forced aboard a vessel to embark on a perilous sea voyage. They are in search of the fabled hunter known as the Walrus Mutterer, to recover something once stolen.

The limits of Rian’s endurance are tested not only by the cruelty of her captor, but their mysterious fellow passenger Pytheas The Greek – and the mercilous sea that constantly endangers both their mission and their lives.

A visceral evocation of ancient folklore and ritual, The Walrus Mutterer introduces an unforgettable cast of characters in an extraordinary, vividly imagined Celtic world.


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