The Nature of Spring


by Jim Crumley


Beautifully written…thoughtful and thought-provoking…Jim Crumley does not shy away from the important issues facing the natural world [in] a book you’d like to think could have real influence on the world we live in’ – Undiscovered Scotland

‘Enthralling and often strident’ – The Observer

Hardback: 248 pages

Publisher: Saraband, 2019

Language: English

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Spring is nature’s season of rebirth and rejuvenation. Earth’s northern hemisphere tilts towards the sun, winter yields to intensifying light and warmth, and a wild, elemental beauty transforms the Highland landscape and a repertoire of islands from Colonsay to Lindisfarne.

Jim Crumley chronicles the wonder, tumult and spectacle of that transformation, but he shows too that it is no Wordsworthian idyll that unfolds. Climate chaos brings unwanted drama to the lives of badger and fox, seal and seabird and raptor, pine marten and sand martin. Jim lays bare the impact of global warming and urges us all towards a more daring conservation vision that embraces everything from the mountain treeline to a second spring for the wolf.

Jim Crumley is a passionate advocate for Britain’s landscape and animals, as well as the reintroduction of species such as sea eagles, beavers and wolves. He is a nature writer, journalist and poet with some thirty books to his name.

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