The Highland Clans


by Alistair Moffat

‘Full of character, combining proper research with a sure eye to what attracts and sustains an audience’s attention’ – Scotland on Sunday

‘The most popular text of its kind…Alistair Moffat is both a scholar and a writer in touch with ordinary folk. He deals with controversial topics expertly and keeps the facts in focus’ – The Scots Magazine

Paperback: 176 pages

Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd., 2010 (new edit. 2018)

Language: English

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The story of the Highland clans is a gripping one, full of celebrated names and heroic deeds.

It is also, as Alistair Moffat reveals, the story of a fearless people, shaped by the unique traditions and landscape of the Scottish Highlands. Here, he traces the history of the clans from their Celtic origins to the coming of the Romans, through the great battles of Bannockburn and Flodden, to the Clearances and the present day. The images bring the stories to life with historical portraits and depictions of significant events such as the battles or the Highland dances, to name but a few. The story of the clans is also about the pain of leaving, with the great emigrations to the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Complete with a clan map and an alphabetical list of the clans of the Scottish Highlands, this is a must for anyone interested in the history of Scotland.

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