by Kathleen Jamie

Kathleen Jamie, the Scottish poet, has written a book that transcends the definition of nature study … Sightlines is a work of intense purity and quiet genius and we’re lucky to have it’ – Philip Hoare, The Sunday Telegraph

Paperback: 244 pages

Publisher: Sort Of Books, 2012

Language: English

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The outer world flew open like a door, and I wondered, what is it that we’re just not seeing?

Five years after Findings broke the mould of nature writing, Kathleen Jamie subtly shifts our focus on landscape and the living world, daring us to look again at the ‘natural’, the remote and the human-made. She offers us the closest of perspectives and the most distant, too: from vistas of cells beneath a hospital microscope, or the pores of a whale’s jawbone under restoration, to satellites rising over a Scottish island, or the aurora borealis lighting up an iceberg-strewn sea. We encounter killer whales circling below cliffs, noisy colonies of breeding gannets, and paintings deep in caves.

Written with precision, delicacy and personal recollection, Sightlines invites us to pause and look afresh at our surroundings.

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