Ris a’ Bhruthaich: Criticism and Prose Writings


by Sorley MacLean

Sorley MacLean was the greatest Gaelic poet of our time, and his ideas reinvigorated 20th century Gaelic literature and language. Packed with the key themes and critical insights of a lifetime, and also including three original Gaelic short stories, the writings in this book form the closest to a critical autobiography we may ever see.

The essays vary greatly in subject matter, from the folk-songs of the 17th century to the parallels between the instigators of the Clearances and the fascists of Germany. Throughout his collection, MacLean constantly strives towards an understanding of the ‘obscure territory between the explicit and the implicit’, and an accurate means of describing the essence of Gaelic. It is essential reading for all students of Gaelic and lovers of poetry, by the most influential practitioner and scholar of our age.

Paperback: 312 pages

Publisher: Acair Limited, 1985; re-published 1997

Language: Gaelic, English

Product Dimensions: 13.6 x 2 x 21.4 cm


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