The Island in Imagination & Experience


by Barry Smith

‘This fascinating book is the best account of islands, island history, and the island consciousness that you’ll ever read. It’s rooted in authentic adventures, yet infused with a brave spirit of physical curiosity and scholarly enquiry – the defining work of island literature that’s long been needed. Maroon yourself in it and be enthralled!’ – Jim Perrin

Hardback: 340 pages

Publisher: Saraband, 2017

Language: English

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From Treasure Island to Robben Island, from the paradise of Thomas More’s ‘Utopia’ to Napoleon’s purgatory on Elba, islands have proved irresistible to mankind’s imagination since time immemorial. Self-confessed islomane Barry Smith explores how islands bewitch us so, and examines the kind of human experiences that islands inspire.

Journeying all around the globe to take in the most fascinating stories of Earth’s half a million islands, this book considers the unique geography, politics and economics of islands and their cultures. It traces their singular place in literature, religion and philosophy, and disentangles the myths and the facts to reveal just why islands exert such an insistent grip on the human psyche.

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