D.C.I. Daley #4: The Rat Stone Serenade


by Denzil Meyrick

‘A macabre jigsaw which ends with a thrilling denouement’ – Women Together Magazine

Paperback: 405 pages

Publisher: Polygon, an imprint of Birlinn Ltd., 2016

Language: English

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It’s December, and the Shannon family are returning home to their clifftop mansion near Kinloch for their annual AGM.

Shannon International is one of the world s biggest private companies, with tendrils reaching around the globe in computing, banking and mineral resourcing, and it has brought untold wealth and privilege to the family. However, a century ago, Archibald Shannon stole the land upon which he built their home and his descendants have been cursed ever since.

When heavy snow cuts off Kintyre, D.C.I. Jim Daley and D.S. Brian Scott are assigned to protect their illustrious visitors. As an ancient society emerges from the blizzards, and its creation, the Rat Stone, reveals grisly secrets, ghosts of the past come to haunt the Shannons. As the curse decrees, death is coming – but for whom and from what?

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Dimensions 12.9 × 2.7 × 19.8 cm

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