The Assynt Crofter: Allan MacRae, A Life


by Judith Ross Napier


‘It’s Allan’s voice that’ll stick always in my mind – that and the way he could so forcefully put into words his belief – one he helped make real in Assynt – that croft lands should be owned and managed, not by lairds, not be externally controlled organisations of any kind, but by the crofting communities living on them’ – James Hunter

Paperback: 304 pages

Publisher: Acair Limited, 2018

Language: English

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Some names are so closely linked with historical events that they almost become one and the same. One such is Allan MacRae, who, along with a small group of fellow crofters, led to victory the ground-breaking Assynt Crofters Trust land buy-out.

Allan MacRae’s unique character was informed by the Highland Clearances, staunch Presbyterianism and, extraordinarily, the London music hall. 

Judith Napier’s well researched biography explores the life of a remarkable man, stonemason, orator, athlete, campaigning writer, but above all a crofter who cared deeply for his beloved Assynt.

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