Kilt Hire



Aros rents kilts, for weddings and other formal occasions. All of our kilts are Isle of Skye tartan, modeled by Robbie on the left.

You can hire a full set for £45, including kilt, jacket, sporran, belt and buckle, shows, sgian dubh, bowtie and flashes. We have a large range of sizes available and each item can also be hired individually (price list below).

To complete the outfit, shirts, kilt hose and kilt pins are available for purchase. Prices vary depending on style.

Kilt Hire – Price List

Full Outfit   £45 
Kilt             £20
Jacket        £12 
Shoes          £7
Belt             £7
Sporran       £7

Sgian Dubh £4

Posted at July 12th, 2010 by Aros Centre.
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