Carmina Gadelica

Carmina Gadelica

Bank St, Portree, Isle of Skye

Open 9am- 5pm Monday to Saturday All Year Round (Open till 9pm from March to October)

Carmina Gadelica is one of greatest collections of Gaelic literature ever published. The six volume compendium includes every imaginable form of Gaelic composition: folkloric poems, songs and proverbs, historical anecdotes and observations, prayers, blessings, hymns, charms and incantations. Carmina was created by Alexander Carmichael, who recorded, translated and reworked material gathered from every Gaelic-speaking corner of Scotland. Carmichael published the first two volumes in1900; the final volume, edited by Angus Matheson, was completed in 1971.

Carmina Gadelica can be browsed and purchased in Carmina Gadelica, a small bookshop on the Isle of Skye named after Carmichael’s collection. Like its namesake, the Carmina Gadelica bookshop aims to preserve and promote the literary heritage of Scotland by gathering as many of these rich and unique texts in one place as possible.

You can access our collection, expertise and service from anywhere in the world.

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