A series of 4 events, working in partnership with other organisations celebrating our coasts and waters and bringing a new understanding and perspective of the people, events, music, poetry and occasions that have named, described and celebrated these geographical features within the landscape of Scotland.

Skye Photography Festival

An open event for photographers from across the world.
Submissions must relate to the theme of Coasts & Waters but must relate to Skye and/or Raasay.
The two categories for submissions are;
i) Fior Uisge: fresh water (rivers, streams, wells etc)
ii) Cladach ‘s Muir: coast and sea


A Blend of Three Distillery Concerts

A series of concerts at the three distilleries of Torabhaig, Talisker and Raasay with traditional musicians at each accompanied by storytellers and poets.  

Skye has over 400 miles of coastline, xxx lochs and thousands of wells: many are featured in traditional songs, writings and poetry with related themes including fishing, emigration, healing, food, drink and beliefs.

torabhaig distillery


A Series of 4 Coastal and Inland Walks

These four walks will all have different themes;
i) Wells, healing, health, superstition and water creatures
ii) Place names, whisky smuggling, na poitean dubha,
iii) Lochs: religion, saints, islands
iv) Sea produce, foraging and sampling


Linked to the International Storytelling Festival and Book Week Scotland this 5-day event will introduce audiences to some of Scotland’s best storytellers, authors and poets.  Engaging young people to share the history/culture of the area and pass on the knowledge of the Seanachaidh.